• Body Beautiful (Above): The annual World Meeting of Body Art in Venezuela was a spectacle of colour, as artists transformed the human body into living works of art. Using paint, ornaments and glitter, the designs ranged from pure fantasy to indigenous myths; one man even posed as a statue with his skin painted to imitate marble. (The Huffington Post)

    "We HOPE You’re On Our Side": Shepard Fairey, the artist who created Obama’s iconic 2008 HOPE campaign poster, now urges Obama to support the Occupy Wall Street movement. (International Business Times)

    Cultural Heritage: Protestors called on the Getty Museum to return pages from the Zeyt’un Gospels, a sacred Armenian manuscript dating back to 1256. Considered an Armenian national treasure, the Armenian Orthodox Church insists it was stolen during the Armenian Genocide in 1916. (LA Times)

    9/11 Museum To Be Delayed: The planned 2012 opening of the 9/11 Museum at Ground Zero is being threatened amid disputes over hundreds of millions of dollars in unexpected redevelopment costs. (Wall Street Journal)

    More Allegations? In the latest twist of the tale, Ai Weiwei is now being accused for allegedly spreading pornography online. The artist said that police have begun investigation his assistant. This news follows a series of tax debt allegations against Ai, all of which he has called harassment and have drawn criticism from the international community. (Washington Post)

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